All Language Translate App Mod Apk 1.22 (Pro Premium)

All Language Translate App Mod Apk: All Language Translate app is easy to use for language learning, and; word translation for any language with the world language camera. The Translate All Languages Voice Text translator app makes it easy to exchange speech or written content. A free language translator is perfect for all langue chat conversations. Translate – All Language Translator free is the universal language speech or voice translator is signify for translate from English to Hindi language English to Arabic English to German English to French. The translation scanner feature is available in the Translate languages app.

You can translate text and speak all languages with a voice translator. This online translator/chat converter and text translator app allow you to easily copy and paste notes from your smartphone.

All Language Translate App Mod Apk

Online translation of all languages by Globalized Multilingual is the ultimate online audio and sentence translator. It allows you to speak in more than 100 languages, including Spanish (Espanol), Spanish (Latviesu), Czech (Cestina), Italian (Italiano), Korean (hangugeo), French (Francais) You don’t need a human translator or another type of interpretation. Download all Voice Text Translator App to quickly learn Spanish. Language translation is also available as an app that allows you to live-translate text.

Voice and text translator

Free translation of voice and text for all language translators. All translators also include a file translator (.pdf.txt.docx.docx) as well as a world dictionary. All languages can be translated using the audio voice translator and text image translator sentences. It is more than a text translation app. This app can also be used offline to translate multi-languages.


It is impossible to spend the time and effort to search the dictionary for the word reference or to understand each word individually. This is the modern age. This all-in-one translator app package is an excellent tool for voice and text communication. The translator lets you speak all language and translate it.

The camera translator makes use of its lens translation system in order to capture text from any note or board page and to quickly translate the language demand through a translate camera app or translator. This is also an excellent camera translator. Quickly translate any phrase in-text images using this tool.

Download All Language Translate App Mod Apk

Highlights of All Language Translate App

Translate text to text in any language

Chat translation, voice messages, and; audio notes

The perfect file translator

This photo can be translated into an image with text.


This camera translator allows you to translate any image captured.

Worldwide familiar global language translator

World Dictionary of words and their references

Language supports

Afrikaans Arabic Bulgarian Bosnian (Bosanski) Cantonese Catalan (Catala) Chinese Simplified (Jian Ti Zhong Wen ) Chinese Croatian (Hrvatski) Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian (Eesti) Fijian Filipino Finnish (Suomi) French German (Deutsch) Greek (Ellenika) Hebrew (`bryt) Hindi (Hindi) Hungarian Icelandic (Islenska) Indonesian (Italiano) Japanese (Ri Ben Yu ) Korean (hangugeo) Latvian (Latviesu) Lithuanian (Lietuviu) Malagasy Malay (Melayu) Norwegian Persian (Farsi) Polish (Polski) Portuguese Romanian (Romana) Russian (Russkii) Serbian-Latin Slovak Swahili (Kiswahili) Swedish (Svenska) Tahiti (Tahitian) Tamil (tmilll) Telugu (Telugu) Thai (aithy) Turkish.

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