Andor Showrunner wants the show to be an entry point for new fans

Star Wars: Andor has been making waves in the run up to the upcoming premiere, and one little thing was on the tips of many tongues: what should the audience see, read, play, etc. so they know what’s going on in the new series? Well, if showrunner Tony Gilroy has anything to say about it, that shouldn’t be too much of a concern. But that doesn’t just mean that fans will immediately feel at home.

In a recent press conference for Andor (via The Direct), Gilroy had some confident words about who this show is made for. While he had plenty to say about what fans can expect, he also included a small addendum about newcomers. “This could be your entry point war of stars‘ Gilroy said. “You could watch our 24 episodes, that could be your entry point. We’re doing a show that doesn’t require any prior knowledge to do.” It’s a surprise, sure, but welcome one.


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While that’s a bold claim, Gilroy went on to state that he hopes Andor can welcome new fans while keeping the veterans happy. However, he realizes that this is not easy, even if Andor may have more to offer than others war of stars projects. “And that’s the gamble,” he continued. “Can we satisfy, electrify and excite the dedicated fans and at the same time bring something so emotionally intense and so real, and the smallest domestic dramas and the smallest human relationships falling in the midst of the epic, tectonic, revolutionary, historical moments when people have to make big decisions? Can we attract another audience that is also interested in this? Can we connect these two things together? That’s what we’re trying to do.”

It probably helps that the story of Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, is still relevant in modern times. Whether it’s from a political or personal perspective, there are plenty of story beats and elements that still sound pretty close to home to many people. “It’s a story I would love to tell my kids…my friends,” Gilroy continued debating Andor‘s overarching story. “It’s a story I’d like to see as an audience … Because of where we live, I always think, and again, that’s why we have to be so real, because it doesn’t matter that we pretend we are.” in a galaxy far, far away. That story is important today in the world we live in, you know? Otherwise I wouldn’t care. And I’ve always seen that potential in that story.

Gilroy had previously told the story Andor may very well question the understanding of the fans war of stars Canon. Something that’s willing to change things up like that certainly sounds like a good entry point for newbies, especially as it could end up being experienced war of stars Fans on par with those who don’t know anything about the franchise. Add in the analogies to the modern political and social climate and it sounds like a recipe for success.

Many call a show a spy thriller, Andor looks like one of the most interesting versions of the war of stars Formula. We hope that the risks Gilroy and his crew are taking will pay off in the end. It could be just the shake needed to keep things fresh in a galaxy far, far away.

Andor will air its first 3 episodes on September 21, 2022 on Disney Plus.

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Source: The Direct Andor Showrunner wants the show to be an entry point for new fans

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