Annelids Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

The Annelids Mod Apk is the best game for action lovers. This is a very unique game, where you fight different human characters and worms.

Michal Srb is the creator of this amazing game. To put it another way, it’s a worm-fighting game where you can compete against other people online.

Annelids is an online battle game that utilizes the player’s knowledge about worms to get them to compete against their friends.

The game has a large collection of different types of worms that can battle it out with each other, and the player has to decide which type of worm they want to use in their game.

The graphics in Annelids Mod Apk are quite gorgeous, and the objective of the game is to guide your worms so that they construct tunnels and fight other worms.

You have a vast selection of options to choose from when it comes to weaponry while playing this game. All the weapons are powerful and contain different functions.

In this game, you have many options and many locations to explore. You can enjoy the fun of battling the underground.

You can compete with other worms and other players from all over the world. Select the best worm to beat your enemies this will help you to win this game.

The game has a multiplayer mode in which you can play this game with your friends and chat with them. If you download the moded version of this game which is available on our website. You will get unlimited money, coins, gold, ammo, unlimited health, and unlocked all weapons.


  • The AI in this offline single-player game is quite impressive.
  • Multiplayer games may be played online or over Bluetooth.
  • Enjoy PvE and PvP types of play.
  • The game may be played by up to six people at once.
  • Maps are created using a computer algorithm.
  • Bluetooth gamepads such as MOGA may be used with this app.


The gameplay of Annelids Mod Apk is very unique and exciting. There are almost 17 different beautiful maps available in this game.

You can choose the map which you like. The game offers different types of tasks that you have to complete daily that will help you to earn money and coins.

This game has approximately 60 levels which you can play in offline mode with your computer. You can also earn money in different ways such as completing tasks, fighting with worms, and spending this money to buy your worms new outfits and unlocked weapons. In this mod apk you will get unlimited health and ammo which will help you to win the game.

Annelids Mod Apk Latest version has many exciting features. You can change your worm’s names and make them new looks which will make them different. Upgrades and unlocking all weapons are also options.

You can easily control your worm and move them and attack other worms. The Annelids has many game modes which you really like. Anger of Stick 5: Zombie Mod Apk is the best action game. Check it out.

The most interesting game mode captures the flag. In this section, you and a group of friends compete against other people who play video games online.

And your main task is to capture the flag. If your team captures the flag first, then you will win the game. If you want to play the difficult levels then play conquest mode, in this mode, you will play other players online and give them a tough challenge.

In Deathmatch mode, you will play alone and beat your opponent. It has also a team deathmatch mode where you fight with your team.

You may take part in this way of playing the game in a group if you want. You are welcome to play the game on your tablet or any other iOS device after downloading it for free.


How many maps are in this Annelids mod apk game?

There is a total of 17 different maps in this mod apk.

Can I play this game without an internet connection?

Yes, you can play this mod apk game in offline mode without any6 internet connection.

Is multiplayer mode available in this game?

Yes, the multiplayer mode is available in this mod apk.

Is there a cost associated with downloading this mod apk file?

There is no cost associated with downloading this game from our website.


Annelids Mod Apk Latest Version is a very unique game, with its own unique features. You can be certain that nothing even somewhat similar to it has ever been attempted before.

It doesn’t have the same gameplay as other online battle games, since it has its own unique features, which are great fun to try out.

You will get unlimited money, gems, gold, unlimited health, and unlock all weapons in this mod apk. We encourage you to check out our game and see what you think. The gameplay is very exciting and you will find yourself addicted to this game very fast. Thank You

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