Best Super Sentai Series for Beginners

Power Rangers has been a longtime titan of popular culture since the original series aired in 1993. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is still a nostalgic show for many who grew up in the ’90s, but some may not be familiar with it Power Rangers the roots of the series in the Japanese show, super sentai.

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super sentai is responsible for most of it PRContents. Costumes, villains and even many story elements are adapted Sentaibut PR makes things different enough to stand out. To the PR fans who make the jump Sentai can be a fun and enlightening experience, but with over 40 seasons to date, there are some places that are a little better to start with.


8th Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

The 90s kids mentioned above will undoubtedly find what they are looking for Zyuranger trusted. It’s the season Sentai that was adapted from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangersmeaning the costumes, powers, and many of the antagonists will be recognizable PR fans.

not how MMPR however, Zyuranger does not focus on teenagers. It actually follows a team of humans released from suspended animation to face the sworn enemy of their dinosaur-descended civilization. The difference between these two series is a good indicator of the nature of the variations PR Fans can expect in the various Sentai Series.

7 Tokumei Sentai Go Busters

A fairly modern one Sentai Season, Go Busters was recently adjusted Power Rangers Beast Morpher. While bm saw his cast take on an organized protector role in their city, GB is actually a spy show where the main team is sent on their fair share of spy missions as well as the typical monster fights.

This season actually includes some olive branches for PR Series. The most obvious of these is the use of the classic PR Keyword “It’s morphin time” as part of morph sequences.

6 Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

While the previous two Sentai Series differ greatly from theirs PR Colleagues, decaranger is nearly identical in premise to its counterpart, Power Rangers SPD, both focus on a police force. The “SPD” organization even keeps its name between the two series, although it stands for different things.

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As SPD is one of the most popular PR Seasons, much of the fan base will find decaranger a smooth transition. However, due to the breaks of several years in between Sentai seasons and theirs PR adjustments, decaranger has lower production values ​​than SPD Fans may be used to it.

5 Mahō Sentai Magiranger

Similar to his PR counterpart, mystical power, Magiranger is a season all about magic and mysticism. As the only season that focuses heavily on magic, it’s quite unique within the Sentai Library. Another unique aspect of this season is the way the main cast is built.

Unlike most seasons of both shows, Magiranger‘s team are actually all siblings. Because of this, sibling rivalry and family relationships are common themes on the show, making it one of the more relatable seasons for all the mystique present.

4 Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger

With ninjas seemingly endless pop culture star power, that’s no surprise super sentai has 3 seasons about ninja under its belt. Of these, hurricane might be the easiest to get to for newbies. Partly due to its close similarities with Power Rangers Ninja Stormeven down to the rogue designs.

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With only 3 members on the launch team, the cast is much more manageable than the series’ standard 5. hurricane also has a rather light tone compared to others Sentai seasons. The starting team is a fun-loving bunch of losers who end up delivering their fair share of comedy and are easy to get behind.

3 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

This season’s adaptation, Power rangers samuraipaid a lot of homage to Japanese history and culture due to its subject matter, but Shinkenger takes this to another level. in many ways Shinkenger is samurai with the added drama of an old samurai movie.

The core cast revolves around the leader of the team, the heir to a long-standing samurai clan. They share many similarities with theirs PR Counterparts, with both Red Rangers even being heirs to the Shiba clan. Shinkenger is often touted as one of the better Sentai Seasons, so it’s a promising one to jump into.

2 Mashin Sentai Kiramager

Although since then 2 more seasons have been released Kiramanger In 2020, they both took big departures from that Sentai formula and are therefore too experimental to recommend for newcomers. Because of this, Kiramanger is the most modern season that new fans can have an easy step into.

Being more modern means it has higher quality graphics and more contemporary themes, but the story and cast are also pretty fun and endearing. Kiramanger has no PR counterpart yet, so it could act as a teaser for a possible future PR Season.

1 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Anniversary seasons can be pretty intimidating for some, but they also offer newcomers a chance to try different parts of a long-running franchise to see what resonates with them. For this purpose no Sentai is better than Gokaiger.

As a 35th anniversary celebration for super sentai, GokaigerThe cast of has the power to transform into any of the previous teams at will. This means they show off a bit of what each season has to offer and meet previous team members from week to week.

This season’s counterpart Power Rangers Super Megaforce shies away from the obvious pirate motif, however Gokaiger is fully committed to its cast of anti-hero space pirates and is still considered by many to be the best Sentai season of all time, even over a decade since its graduation.

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