Best weapons from Edgerunners update, ranking

In true CD Projekt RED fashion, Cyberpunk 2077 got another free DLC. This time it’s the 1.6 update bundled with the new content with new gigs, a theme that ties in with the edge runner Netflix anime and of course new weapons. The most exciting of these are the weapons, as they are some of the most unique the game has to offer.

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In total, update 1.6 adds 11 new weapons to the game. But some of them are certainly more powerful or interesting than others. They’re also a little hard to find blind (especially the higher rarities); Therefore, players might want to get to know the best of them so they can hunt them down Cyberpunk 2077. Night City collectors will want to start with these new weapons.


8th MA70 HB

The Midnight Arms MA70 HB is a good counterweight for the light machine gun weapon class Cyberpunk 2077. God knows how much love they need. While still not the best guns in the game due to slow reloading and high recoil, the MA70 HB is a step ahead of the rest.

It has a slightly faster reload speed compared to the other light machine guns. Unfortunately, players need a body attribute of 10 or more to properly use this light machine gun. Otherwise, the recoil will become unbearable. In terms of damage, it will shred enemies from a safe distance like most light machine guns.

7 VST-37 Pozhar

  • location
    : Jacked and Coke Club in Vista del Rey (epic rarity), gun salesman

  • weapon type
    : Shotgun (Power)

Automatic shotguns in Cyberpunk 2077 are still a force to be reckoned with, and the developers only amplify that vibe with the VST-37. The best part is that players don’t have to aim (not in the way aiming with a shotgun is optimal anyway). Due to the performance specification, the bullets bounce off.

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This makes the VST-37 ideal for eliminating opponents in small spaces. Many gigs play out this way, so players can consider this shotgun the perfect gig companion. The gun prides itself on having everything “high” and that includes recoil, but that shouldn’t be an issue thanks to the ricochet potential.

6 Kappa

The Kappa is another smart pistol in Cyberpunk 2077 and these types of handguns are always welcome in the game. They’re great weapons in the hands of quick hackers who take full advantage of Short Circuit. However, Kappa can lock onto two targets at once, although the range has to be pretty short to do that.

Regardless, it’s still a decent weapon. However, the damage type might not be ideal, especially for short circuit builds. But it does have an impressive crit damage increase and a nice headshot damage multiplier to compensate. It won’t be the best replacement for the lovable Skippy, but it can be a damage-type alternative.

5 Kyubi

  • location
    : Arms Dealer, Gun Shop in Westbrook, Japantown (Epic Rarity)

  • weapon type
    : Assault Rifle (Power)

Have you ever dreamed of having a futuristic version of an M1 Garand in Night City? Then look no further than the Kyubi Assault Rifle. It’s a semi-automatic weapon that’s probably not the most conducive killing gadget in Night City, but it works well with a silencer.

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The damage per round is high enough to counteract the suppressor’s damage reduction. Players need to make sure they mainly get headshots as the rate of fire isn’t that fast. Despite this, the Kyubi is very accommodating to mods and has whopping amounts of damage bonuses to compensate.

4 Neurotoxin Knife

  • location
    : Pet Merchant for Melee Weapons in Arroyo (Legendary Rarity), Weapon Merchant

  • weapon type
    : knife blade)

The Neurotoxin Knife should make Poison Ninjutsu builds ecstatic with the edge runner To update. This DLC knife is exactly what it sounds like, a poisonous and deadly weapon specially crafted for Night City’s most skilled cobra assassins.

Sure enough, it has a high chance of triggering poison, which also triggers the numerous poison-related perks in the ninjutsu skill tree. Overall, it’s a weapon that makes playing Poison builds even more interesting and exciting. It doesn’t really have many uses outside of poison ninjutsu or contagion builds.

3 Cut-O-Matic

From the scarlet battlefields of the Warhammer 40K franchise comes that unholy missing link between the machete and the chainsaw. Only, the game makes it sound like some sort of Home Shopping Network kitchen knife. Still, the Cut-O-Matic is an impressive blade.

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It has a high critical hit chance and a decent chance to induce bleeds. The damage is mostly physical, so nothing exciting, but the Cut-O-Matic will split enemies in half in no time. Apparently it’s noisy too, so not suited to stabby stealth builds, so keep that in mind.

2 supercritical

Easily one of the most destroyed sniper rifles in the game right now, the Hypercritical is more a hurricane of lead bullets than a sniper’s tool. Because of its ricochet potential, this weapon can even function like a shotgun, but with the range of a sniper rifle. Sometimes players can hit multiple enemies with it.

Anything that deals this kind of damage to multiple targets at long range is a recipe for Destruction. It has its limits. The Hypercritical only lasts for eight turns and requires a body stat of 15 to use properly. That’s a fair compromise for something that hits like a train.

1 Senko LX

It’s a weapon crafted by Arasaka’s engineers, so players can expect the Senkoh LX to have cutting-edge technology, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. Because this is one of the few weapons in the game that can shoot through multiple layers of cover and walls.

Players don’t even have to look directly at the enemies, they can just use ping and then shoot through all of them marked in red. At the same time, the Senko LX is also probably the most stylish weapon in the game; It’s on par with katanas when it comes to Night City swag.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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