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ColorPlanet offers immersive gameplay with pre-prepared black and white photos that you can complete with different colors. The positions above the picture are marked with numbers of each color and require the player to color them carefully. At the same time, the level of detail of the image sometimes causes specific difficulties for players, and they can use certain aids.

ColorPlanet® Paint by Number


The experience that ColorPlanet gives you is straightforward; you can choose a beautiful photo you want and proceed to color it. All of the photos in the game’s library are black and white photos, and many details on the photo are numbered in a specific order. So you will try to color according to predefined numbers, which is an experience that any player will enjoy.

The control method in this game is easy to do when you can swipe the screen to go to different positions in the game. At the same time, players will also need to have a more detailed view by zooming in on the places they see, and this helps them to be able to recognize the hidden small numbers. Therefore, this game also has specific challenges for players and requires their observation skills.

ColorPlanet® Paint by Number ColorPlanet® Paint by Number


You will select an image in ColorPlanet, and from there, you will begin your coloring task with the colors that this game has predefined. Each number corresponds to a specific color, and players only need to look for this number in the picture that the game provides, and from there, the first colors will appear. In addition, the number of colors is varied and changes depending on the complexity of the photos.

Players should focus on finding positions of the same number to complete the level in the best way. Specifically, the image you receive is made up of many different numbers, and coloring in an orderly way will make it difficult for you to find the uncolored places again. So players will need to be careful in their observation and coloring, and completing a photo will take a long time.

Players will gradually fill in the white patches of the image, and of course, you will feel excited to complete it. You won’t be able to tell the changes in the image when adding colors just by imagining, so you will try to complete the image with the given colors. So you will be amazed at the level of detail in the position in the image, and the combination with other colors will create a complete dramatic color.

ColorPlanet® Paint by Number ColorPlanet® Paint by Number


Players can thoroughly entertain their way with ColorPlanet and immerse themselves in the world of photos with different themes. They can be images filled with flowers or different cartoon characters. So, players will feel that they have just been lost in a world with different images and characters, and of course, your task is to make the world more colorful by painting color.

Most of the difficulties players face are skipping over specific details when coloring so the picture cannot be completed. The difficulty becomes higher when all positions have their colors, and there are only a few points left, so the game supports players with the search feature. Specifically, it appears as a magnifying glass, and just clicking on it, their perspective will be switched back to the position of the uncolored element.

ColorPlanet® Paint by Number

Players can have fun with completely simple coloring:

  • Players will enter the world of pictures, and the task you need to do is to help them complete by coloring the colors provided.
  • The positions in the picture will be marked with numbers related to the colors, and you need to color them in the order specified.
  • There are many ways to complete a picture, and in most cases, players should paint all positions of the same number so as not to miss anything.
  • The number of photos in the game’s library is entirely diverse with different topics and content and urges players to explore.
  • Players will use the assist feature that the game provides to find the remaining locations that are not found to complete the photo.

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