Cyber Dead Apk Mod

Cyber Dead: Super Squad Mod Apk:Cyber is where the dead mix with cyber.

“Nah Itand’s Cyberdeadand’s”

Zombies are killing humanity in an emergency. We urgently need super soldiers to save the planet. Now is the time to get involved in a fierce battle, finish dangerous missions and grab your weapon. !

You will be immersed in an endless battle of the 2D platformer game Cyber Dead. Cyber Dead is an amalgamation of two genres: the 2D platformer and metal slug.

Platformer games, as you most likely know are side scrolling shoot ’em up and down games. Contra is the most well-known side scrolling shoot &’em all up game.
Download Cyber Dead: Super Squad Mod Apk
Cyber Dead, a mobile version of the game that was lost for years, has now been relaunched. The arena promises to offer new experiences for players with its diverse storylines, ferocious beasts, and amazing rewards.

You can use the play button to fire your gun at enemies. You will get damaged if you don’t upgrade your moves. Amazing run jumps, guns and other skills will help you win levels and unlock new worlds.

This 2D platformer game requires that gunmen be alert to dangers and obstacles. You can become the ultimate action hero by combining explosive skills in defense and attack, and saving people from the grave. The best metal slug weapons are also available to them. Be aware that the enemy is fast and intelligent. To complete the intense missions, you must avoid all traps and hurdles.

Are you ready? Pick your hero soldier, pick the best weapon for battle and take on all of those evil bosses in this action-packed game. Do you want to be a super hero and join the Squad Military?

Cyber Dead will give you the following:

2D Retro Run N Gun Gameplay

You can build your base

9 default heroes, with different combat styles.

Epic Battle against 50 different enemies and 10 bosses

– PVP – online shooting games

You can continue for 150 rounds to take the Earth back.

Update: 70 guns, and more in the next update

Side scrolling platformer game that shoots with art and gameplay.


To control super soldiers and zombies, use the movement buttons. Remember Run fast shoot faster!

To avoid obstacles, tap the jump button.

To power up your metal squad, use coin and gem

To unlock super soldiers, collect puzzle pieces. The metal squads are extremely powerful.

Side scrolling action video game where you can complete daily quests or events in order to unlock new items.

You are now ready to take on the role of a super soldier !…. Cyber Dead Action Game offers the adrenaline rush of shooting metal guns.

Cyber Dead: Super Squad Mod Apk

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