Download Block Strike 7.2.9 APK for android

Block Strike is a successful mix of a team shooter and now popular pixel graphics. Thousands of players from all over the world are eager to indulge in the ability to handle firearms on huge maps against many opponents.

Gameplay the game is a first-person shooter. The choice of players are given a half dozen modes, among which there is a classic team battle, deathmatch, survival mode and many others. With the help of a manual server search, you can join an already existing battle, or a random battle. It is also possible to create your own server where you can fight with friends.

Huge locations allow you to conduct long firefights. However, one skill of accurate shooting will not be enough, so you have to develop tactics and strategy for combat. The combination of these components will make it possible to achieve success and earn more game currency, for which new types of weapons, body armor and ammunition are being acquired. Also, with its help, the appearance of the hero is changed, which makes it possible to make him a unique character.

Despite the pixel graphics, in the shooter there is a realistic physical model. The recoil of the weapon is real, and this will have to adapt. The musical accompaniment as such is absent, but why is it necessary, if it is replaced by incessant shooting sounds. Block Strike is a good representative of multiplayer shooters, which stands out for its extraordinary graphics and well-developed gameplay component.

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