Download Guilty Parade Mystery visual novel 3.3.11 APK (MOD unlocked) for android

Guilty Parade [Mystery visual novel] is an indie project that combines a visual novel, a detective story and a quest in one bottle. The game takes place around the beginning of the XX century in an alternate reality, when, as a result of an ecological catastrophe, the poles of the planet shifted and numerous land areas went under water. The cataclysm provoked a war between the survivors, and the player will take part in these events. The user will have to play two roles on different sides of the barricades: the first hero named Nemo with amnesia must secretly investigate a crime in his squad, and the second character Lien is a simple teenager on the other side of the conflict. Together with the heroes, the gamer will find out all the secrets and reveal the motivations of other actors in the story.

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