Image & Video Date Fixer Mod Apk 1.50.1 Premium

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Image & Video Date Fixer Mod Apk: Have you ever copied photos from your phone to another, or to an external storage device or cloud provider and had a gallery that was not as it should be? This is because your file modification dates for your images are set according to the date of the transfer.

Image & Video Date Fixer Mod Apk

Video Date Fixer comes to your rescue

This app can retrieve the date of the video and images capture dates from the EXIF metadata, and set that date as the file modification date via the Android File API.

If your files do not include EXIF Metadata but contain the date within the filename Image and video Date Fixer will parse them to find the date and use that information to fix the modified file date.

You can fix up to 50 files with the free version.

You can purchase the premium version by making an in-app purchase if you need to repair more files.

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Access to all files

The Android SDK Version 30 will apply to apps in this years Image and; Video Date Fixer. This permission is called “All files access”. The app wouldnt work without it because raw file access is required to modify the files last modified dates.


A bug in Android Framework means that fixing file modifications will only work for Android 9 and higher. It might work in some cases on Android 8 for certain manufacturers.

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