In the second season of Noms with Neeko, Neeko wants you to know that you can cook too

Though she’s been cooking in front of the camera for about three years, Nicole Sanchez, aka Neeko, says she’s still learning the basics. “I’m not going to pretend to be a professional chef,” she said. “I have basic cooking skills: how to boil things like boil an egg, turn it properly or know when something is ready.”

Neeko, who just unveiled the second season of her live on Twitch cooking show, Nouns with Neeko, traces her passion for cooking to her early days as independent adults and attributes some of the dishes she now cooks live to her Mexican-American heritage. Game Rant sat down with the Twitch streamer to talk about how she’s explored this interest throughout her career and hopes her audience will be inspired by her culinary journey.


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Nouns with Neeko Has roots in Neeko’s childhood and her early days in front of a camera

Neeko’s interest in cooking didn’t start with her streaming career, she said. She got her first taste of art as a child, reluctantly helping her mother in the kitchen.

“Growing up, my mom scowled at me for helping her in the kitchen, and I hesitantly left,” Neeko said. “You know, it’s one of those things where your mom says you have to do it and you don’t want to do it.” Despite her reticence, however, Neeko retained many of the skills she learned from her mom and realized that she actually had a passion for cooking.

By the time she jumped onto her first streams in 2017, Neeko was already using some of those skills in her personal life. She recently moved to Seattle from California “because Hispanic parents can be very pretentious,” and found herself suddenly faced with financial responsibilities — bills and rent. Saving money is key, Neeko said, so she started focusing on cooking for herself.

Besides making a living, Neeko also had to find her niche as an aspiring Twitch streamer. “I needed to find out what was going well and I found a few things that interested me. One of them was cooking.” There is an opportunity there, she said.

“As a content creator, you’re always thinking about how to make things into content. So I started doing cookstreams.”

Neeko did her first cooking stream in 2019. At first, she just set up a camera and her laptop to record herself while she prepared meals. It was “super worn out,” she said, but the experience showed her that she had a passion for cooking.

“I wanted to do harder things, cook more complicated dishes, and try different seasonings,” Neeko said. “It became a more integrated part of my content over time.” Now Neeko regularly streams himself cooking – whether it’s on Nouns with Neeko or another series such as Cozy cookingwhose last episode aired in July.

Neeko credited her upbringing and early adult life for giving her a desire to expand her cooking streams, but she also pointed it out to encouragement – and criticism – from their early audience as a motivating factor.

“I saw people on my stream get a little more interactive and say things like, ‘Hey, you’re not doing that right,’ or ‘That looks horrible,’” she said. “There was also a lot of encouragement in my chat.”

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Nouns with Neeko Aims to show its audience that cooking is accessible

Neeko’s cooking streams have come a long way from a single laptop and camera. Names for NeekoSet in a modern marble clad kitchen and featuring a special camera aimed at the cooking area, it has all the trappings of a cooking show you might see on cable TV.

Despite the time, effort, and money Neeko and her team put into the show, she insists she doesn’t want it Nouns with Neeko losing its “personal touch”. Part of the intimate feeling she strives for is achieved when the viewer feels like they could do what she’s doing, too, she said.

“I think showing people that cooking is something they can do themselves without making all the fuss is something that resonates with people.”

Even if her viewers don’t go out and start their own cooking shows, Neeko says she wants to convey a sense of accessibility Nouns with Neeko. “I want to show people that they can also set up a camera and show people what they can do in the kitchen,” she said.

Neeko emphasized that she is by no means an experienced cook and that she hopes Nouns with Neeko will be a learning experience for her and her audience. “I think the learning experience is a big part of my show,” she said.

Neeko will not only learn new and more and more complicated recipes in the second season Nouns with Neeko, but her work is directly scrutinized thanks to taste testers she plans to invite to the show. That added risk is valuable to their overall goals, Neeko said. “I think it resonates with the viewer that I could actually mess up what I’m doing.”

In the coming season of Nouns with Neeko, the streamer wants to go further than her last series. “I think one of the things I didn’t do right last season was not doing enough,” she said. “You can do so much with cooking.”

Neeko wants to push their game while showing their audience that they can just as easily prepare at home in their studio. “That’s important to me Nouns with Neeko doesn’t lose that personal touch,” she said.

Nouns with Neeko Season 2 will stream on September 17th.

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