John Oliver gleefully mocks Queen Elizabeth II’s British ‘compulsory mourning’

It was only fitting that John Oliver was Seth Meyers’ first guest on the day Britain buried Queen Elizabeth II.

After this late night The host congratulated Oliver on beating his show to win his seventh straight Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series this month. Oliver admitted he hates awards shows and it “would have been nicer to see you literally anywhere else on earth” compared to the event being a “royal funeral without a dead queen”.

With that line, they began commenting on what Oliver clearly sees as his home country’s exaggerated reaction to the death of its longtime monarch. As late night’s unofficial “royal correspondent” who Last week tonight The host was quick to feign despair at what he described as “10 days of enforced grief” and apologized to Meyers’ British drummer with “Sorry for our loss”.

“Basically, I will always come here when a high-ranking king dies,” Oliver promised. “Just click your heels three times and I’ll be here to give him the disrespect he deserves.”

He went on to poke fun at the UK for canceling football matches – an “act of palpable class struggle” – and apparently even turning down checkout beeps in grocery stores to honor the Queen. “Like someone walked in, heard the regular beep and said, ‘Have the fuck respect! She’s in the state! As is tradition, a quieter beep is appropriate!’”

Later in the segment, Oliver revealed that British television actually censored his initial reaction to the Queen’s death when his show was broadcast abroad last week.

“All we said was that Britain is still mourning the shocking loss of a 96-year-old woman from natural causes,” he explained. “Scientifically, it’s no joke. That’s just a fact with a kind of dickish inflection. That’s all, and yet they edited it out. Which sucks because apparently all we’ve heard all week is that the Queen had an amazing sense of humor.”

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