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Little Singham Mod Apk: He is smart, strong and intelligent. Indias youngest Super Cop, he is also the protector for Mirchi Nagar. He is Little Singham. Kaal, the formidable demon trying to overthrow humanitys existence, is trying to destroy it all. Only Little Singham can stop him and save his community and its inhabitants. To stop Kaals evil plans, Little Singham will need to use his intelligence and strength.

Little Singham Mod Apk Overview

Little Singham, Indias youngest supercop, will lead the charge against Kaal the most evil of all the demons. You can play with four different Little Singham avatars – Police, Navy, Air Force. Explore beyond Mirchi Nagar. You can run through Tashangarh and Bhutan. Visit the Convention Centre to collect all coins possible. Slide Jump, Dodge and Dodge are the best ways to dodge any obstacles. To keep Kallu, Ballu out of your reach, you can slide jump and dodge to continue on the quest for Kaal. Grab Magnets while you run and collect any coins in the vicinity. To help Little Singham reduce the distance between himself and Kaal, grab the Bulletproof Jacket. Dont forget the Rockets! These help you to collect quick coins. You can use coins to increase the life of your Power-ups.

Little Singham Mod Apk

Features & Items

Your run can be given a Headstart, or Mega Headstart by using Bikes or Cars. For a free ride, use Hoverboards equipped with special power ups to glide effortlessly through Mirchi Nagar. Get Boss Fights for Kaal in the rock cave, and then show Little Singham who is boss by using his awesome Panja Attack.

You can earn additional rewards by participating in daily challenges. To increase your XP multiplier, take on different missions. You can collect Singham Tokens while on the run, and you can use them for a quick boost. To collect rewards, acquire trinity gemstones. Play with Facebook friends to connect and compete for your highest score.

Discover the supercop of India, Little Singham by playing “Heropanti”.

• EXPLORE Mirchi Nagars vibrant culture

* DODGE JUMP through Obstacles

* Complete MISSIONS and Collect COINS


Download Little Singham Mod Apk

Enjoy free runs on HOVERBOARDS when you purchase special POWER UPS

* Get BOSS FIGHTS from Kaal, and the PANJA ATACK

Enjoy Lucky Rewards with the SPINWHEEL and Get Free Spins

To earn additional Rewards, accept the DAILY CHALLENGE

Use exciting power-ups to beat your friends and score the highest

You can also play the game on tablets.

The game can be downloaded and played for free. Some game items are available for purchase with real money. In-app purchases can be restricted in the settings of your store.

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You will need this permission to read and cache ad content while you are playing.


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