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Fans of the classic Android strategy and RPG gameplay in Summoners War will certainly have a great time moving to their new world of Summoners War: Lost Centuria. Have fun exploring and enjoying the massive world of fantasy with all your favorite monsters and heroes from the original game, while also having fun with the new and addictive strategy battles.

Find yourself completely engaged in the real-time strategy combats with friends and online gamers from all over the world. Join existing alliances or create a new one to start battling it out for the dominance of the world. Create your ultimate roster with powerful monsters, incredible runes, epic skill sets, and many other tactical elements. All of which should allow you to fully engage yourself in the awesome mobile title.

Learn more about this interesting game from Com2uS and all of its features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Summoners War: Lost Centuria, Android gamers are introduced to a beautiful yet chaotic world, where magical creatures, powerful heroes, and incredible mages battling each other for dominance. In the role of a summoner, you can take control of the different heroes in the game, unlock their full powers, and customize the tactical elements to create your powerful roster.

Take them through a series of epic battles with the monsters and other summoners. Advance through the story by going through many escalating challenges. Collect the best hero cards and have them upgraded so you can earn the most powerful warriors for your roster. Join an Alliance and battle the others to establish your dominance in the chaotic world.

It’s only you and your friends against the world in Summoners War: Lost Centuria. Have fun taking on the endless PvE and PvP challenges, as you fully engage yourself in the adventures. Make uses of the awesome characters, their unique abilities, and your brilliant tactics to craft your own destinies in Summoners War: Lost Centuria.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Epic stories with exciting missions

To start with, Summoners War: Lost Centuria can enjoy the exciting and captivating in-game stories, which allow them to freely explore the epic world of Summoners. And throughout the game, you can enjoy a series of exciting story-based missions which will keep you engaged in the game. Or enjoy playing the daily quests with different objectives to collect your rewards. All of which will make sure that you will always have things to do in the game.

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Enjoy real-time battles with incredible combats

Here in Summoners War: Lost Centuria, Android gamers can enjoy the epic real-time strategy battles with immersive combats and actions. Have fun fighting against monsters and giant bosses or against real summoners from all over the world. Make uses of the intuitive touch controls and gestures to freely execute your attack orders and tactical maneuvers. Enjoy the powerful and relatable in-game animations with impressive visual effects, which will keep you fully engaged in the awesome mobile title.

In-depth elements of strategy to enjoy

To make the battles more enjoyable, Summoners War: Lost Centuria features its in-depth elements of strategy for you to enjoy. Here, the real-time strategic action gameplay will feature many unexpected and unpredictable counterattack mechanics, which will allow you to fully engage yourself in the battles. Here, the fast-pace and dynamic battles mean that everything can happen and you must be quick with your mind and fingers. Also, the epic and strategized battles with up to 8 summoners in each side will certainly make the game more chaotic and enjoyable. Feel free to come up with your different strategies for both the epic PvE and PvP combats.

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Unique monsters and heroes to collect

Here in Summoners War: Lost Centuria, Android users will have access to the huge collection of monsters and heroes from the previous series, along with many added characters that will certainly keep you engaged in the new adventures. Feel free to collect different monsters and heroes to build your ultimate rosters. Earn the legendary monsters with incredible stats and perks that can completely power up your squad. Explore their unique traits and abilities, which will enable different tactical buffs. Have your favorite monsters being brought to life with the realistic animations and graphics.

Create your ultimate teams

And speaking of which, along with the choice of compositions for your roster, with different monsters and heroes having their unique buffs and abilities. You can also craft Runes and equip Skill Stones to power up your characters. Feel free to explore between the 12 different Rune sets and 3 types of Skill Stones that provide endless upgrade combinations. Choose to power up your team in certain ways and attempt to create your dream team with both tactical and personal upgrades.

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Join friends and online gamers in the Alliance wars

To have more fun in the game, Android gamers can join friends and online gamers in the epic Alliance wars. Here, you can look for existing Alliances or create one for you and your friends to start competing with others in this chaotic world. Have fun playing the game with the members of the Alliances via many missions, quests, and challenges. Work together to defeat powerful foes and unlock incredible rewards. Make uses of the card sharing system to freely trade your cards. Collect and redeem Alliance points to unlock certain rewards for you and the organization. And most importantly, the epic Alliance wars will always keep you hooked to the entire experiences.

Interesting in-game events with unique gameplay

To make the game more enjoyable, Com2uS will feature many interesting in-game events with unique gameplay and stories for Android users to enjoy. Feel free to engage in the unique missions and collect your interesting rewards from any of these events to strengthen your monster squad. Just keep in mind that these are only time-limited events. So you need to enjoy it while it’s still possible.

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Join the community for news and updates

Also, to keep you up-to-date with the latest news and updates, Summoners War: Lost Centuria will feature different social pages for you to follow. Feel free to discover the useful tutorial videos and posts, search for the latest updates and events in the game, or even send your feedbacks to the publisher to make this a better game.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, Summoners War: Lost Centuria is still free for all Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can now easily pick it up from the Google Play Store and start having fun with the game without having to pay anything. Just keep in mind that since it’s still a freemium title, there will be ads and in-game purchases that might bother you.

Enjoy the unlocked game with our mod

And speaking of which, to make sure that you can enjoy the awesome mobile application of Summoners War: Lost Centuria even more, we also offer the free and unlocked version of the game on our website. Here we have gotten rid of the unwanted ads and in-app purchases, thus, allowing you to make the most of its features. And all you need is to download the Summoners War: Lost Centuria Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start having fun with the mobile app whenever you want.

Visual and sound quality


Here in Summoners War: Lost Centuria, Android users will have their chances to truly engage in the epic world of monsters and heroes, thanks to the brilliant 3D graphics and elevated visual elements. Have fun exploring the incredible world of fantasized monsters and heroes with their unique and beautiful designs. Enjoy the real-time combats with incredible animations and visual elements. And most importantly, thanks to the optimized graphics, you can always enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Summoners War: Lost Centuria on all of your Android devices without any troubles.

Sound & Music

Together with the incredible graphics, Summoners War: Lost Centuria also features its amazing sound effects and exciting soundtracks, which will keep you fully engaged in the actions. Have fun listening to the powerful and on-themed tracks in different scenarios. Enjoy the awesome combats with relatable sound effects.

Final thoughts

With vast in-game content and the captivating storyline, Summoners War: Lost Centuria will allow Android users to freely explore the fantasized world of summoners and heroes. Have fun playing the addictive action and strategy gameplay with unlimited adventures and exciting missions. Join friends and online gamers in the addictive multiplayer gameplay that will certainly double the fun. And most importantly, the free and unlocked version of the game on our website will certainly give you better reasons to enjoy it.

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