METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK v0.432 (Unlocked Mask, Ad-Free)


Explore the demon house where a madman is hunting you in METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK. The horror game genre has become a popular form of entertainment. By incorporating sensational elements and exploration adventure I bet you will fall in love with this game. It is recommended only for minors and older. Players need to set traps to prevent the attack of the madman who is following you. Also solve puzzles to get out of the haunted house, it’s like a cage holding you, there’s only one way out but it’s not easy to find it. Since its launch, the game of the publisher Linked Squad has attracted 1M+ downloads on the Google Play Store.

Fascinating storyline

For players new to the game for the first time, the game METEL HORROR ESCAPE immediately leads you by the narrative. Our character wakes up in an abandoned house, the scene is so strange. Everything in this house is old, messy and has a lot of dust and cobwebs. But what’s more worrying is that you don’t know why you’re here. You go around and find that all the doors have been blocked. The sound of a fierce man resounded, he was the madman in this house. He will attack as soon as he sees you. How to avoid the madman, get out of this house safely? Join the quiz now!

Use objects to solve puzzles

The gameplay of METEL HORROR ESCAPE is that you need to find and collect the available items in the house. From these items you create traps to stop the madman. You wouldn’t want to face him directly. Because to increase the difficulty, the game does not provide attack operations at all. Players can only use tips to get rid of this madman. Moreover, from the codes available in the house, find the appropriate exit. Do not skip any objects because they will definitely come in handy for you.

The first-person perspective gives a real feeling

Many players are impressed by the perspective that METEL HORROR ESCAPE gives them. It’s really sensational and scary. The image of the psychopath stalking you is really scary. This game is so realistic that it will let the player suffer the image when the character is hit. The graphics are built with very realistic 3D strokes, the main color is dark, increasing the scary part of the game. With the combination of sounds, it makes you even more nervous. Don’t panic and keep calm, only solving the puzzle will you escape from this scary house.

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