Meteor Internet Speed Test 2.17.2-1 APK

Meteor: Speed Test for 3G, 4G, 5G Internet & WiFi Mod Apk:Meteor is an internet speed tester that allows you to test the speed of both your WiFi and mobile connections.

Test your internet speed, app performance and more

Meteor’s speed test lets you see the impact of internet speed and download speeds on your mobile app performance. From 27 top apps and games, you can check app performance of up to 6 mobile apps simultaneously.
Download Meteor: Speed Test for 3G, 4G, 5G Internet & WiFi Mod Apk
Speed test – Simple to use

A simple speed test will give you clear and easy to understand results regarding download speed, upload speed, and ping times. Simply select the most used apps to determine how your current network connection affects them.

Historical internet speed tests performance

You can view all your speed tests on the map by location and then sort them according to their best or worst performances. You can view a history of all your speed tests and see the statistics for each test. This will allow you to track how your network has evolved over the years.

Map of network connectivity coverage

Meteor’s coverage map will help you find the most coverage. This map displays signal strength at street level, using signals from nearby users. You can compare the coverage of local networks operators to determine the most effective local SIM.

Improved network connectivity

Meteor can be used for free and does not contain any advertising.

Our data sources provide us with an impartial source of truth about mobile network experiences. They show how mobile users worldwide experience network speeds, voice and video services. We collect anonymous data about signal strength and location, as well as other sensor information. This can be stopped at any moment in the settings. To improve connectivity, we share these data with other network operators worldwide and industry professionals

Meteor: Speed Test for 3G, 4G, 5G Internet & WiFi Mod Apk

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