New post from Miray Daner and Oğulcan Engin

Miray Daner, who has been in love with Seda Sayan and Sinan Engin’s son, business manager Oğulcan Engin for a while, occasionally shares the pictures she poses with her lover with her followers. The beautiful actress, who celebrated Engin’s 32nd birthday in the past weeks, published a romantic pose this time with her lover.

Ogulcan Engin, shortly after he left Ezgi Eyüboğlu, he fell in love with an actress eight years younger than him. Daner, one of the lovers who tried to keep their relationship out of sight, shared the photo with her boyfriend days after they were seen together with her followers. While the famous actress who broke the rules added a heart emoji to her post and tagged her lover, it was seen that the duo was very enjoyable.


The famous couple also welcomed the year 2022 together. The duo spent New Year’s Eve with Engin’s family. The famous businessman shared his photo with his girlfriend for the first time on his Instagram account.

Miray Daner and Oğulcan Engin

After the happiness poses, ‘marriage’ news about the duo was starting to come to the fore. Miray Daner responded to the news that she and her lover, Oğulcan Engin, would get married in the summer, “There is no such thing, the news of marriage in the summer is a lie”.


Oğulcan Engin, one of the famous couple whose love continues at full throttle, shared the pose of his lover Miray Daner last April and dropped the note ‘Heavenly Seeing Your Face’.

“Wouldn’t it be a decent photo?”

Miray Daner and Oğulcan Engin Bike Pose

Miray Daner-Oğulcan Engin couple was reflected in the lenses while riding a motorcycle in Arnavutköy last week. Engin, to members of the press, “It would be a decent photo, wouldn’t it?” he wanted to take precautions against the mini skirt that her lover was wearing.


Engin, one of the couple Miray Daner-Oğulcan Engin, who has not been seen together for a long time, turned 32 in the past weeks. The beautiful actress also celebrates her lover’s birthday on social media. She celebrated with the photos she published from her account.

Oğulcan Engin Birthday Celebration

23-year-old Daner, who first photographed Engin with his birthday cake, shared; “Happy birthday darling. I love you so much” had dropped the note. She then posted a romantic pose with the famous businessman.


A new picture came from the famous couple, whose happy relationship continues. Miray Daner presented the pose she posed on the balcony with her lover Engin to her followers. The romantic frame of the famous duo attracted great attention.

Miray Daner and Oğulcan Engin Balcony Pose

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