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Occupation Mod Apk – Second and third person shooter. Save your girl from the zombie invasion!

Explore the 3D World Open to All

* A Day/Night cycle is used to create a deeper game

* There are 11 types of monsters and zombies

* Allies NPCs available to assist you in the fight against zombies

Occupation Mod Apk

• Possibility of recruiting NPCs for assistance while searching for food and ammo in the city

* Automatic aim is for beginners and manual aim is for those who want to play harder!

To make TPS or FPS lovers happy, you can use the First and Third Person perspectives!

* An inventory system for storing food, and health bags that can be used to aid you in the event of an apocalypse.

Hunger system stamina

* Market: Sell and buy items found in the zombie apocalypse

* Other non-linear missions

* Unlocked additional endless game mode after all mission are completed

Download Occupation Mod Apk

Support for VR headsets

* Gamepad keyboards and hardware input support

Use a speed device to try turning the shadows and sun on. They are not disabled by default.

In the game settings, you can also disable the gyroscope.

Before you rate the game, please comment/email us with the details. I would be honored to assist my fellow players.

Thank You for downloading!

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