PNE stands behind its “very good safety plan” for the Vancouver concert that ended in a riot – BC

Less than 48 hours after a scheduled concert ended in a riot, Vancouver’s PNE stands behind its safety plan for the event.

American rapper Lil Baby was scheduled to perform at BREAKOUT Festival on Sunday night but was canceled at the last minute due to health issues.

While some concert-goers left peacefully, about a thousand rioted instead. Videos posted to social media show the ensuing property destruction and looting that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

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Riots erupt at PNE Amphitheater on Sunday after the music festival headliner was canceled

A “full security contingent” was at the venue on Sunday, according to PNE spokeswoman Laura Ballance, and the bespoke security plan for the evening was developed in conjunction with the Vancouver Police Department, which also included the participation of several officers.

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“For a thousand people to choose to channel their disappointment in this way is incredibly shocking to us in the events business…but I don’t think it happened because we didn’t have a good plan or the right team,” Ballance said Tuesday.

“This event had a very good safety plan.”

As the evening descended into chaos, PNE police officers called for reinforcements. Dozens of officers were dispatched, in addition to a few Metro Vancouver Transit police officers.

Seven people were arrested for breach of the peace and no other people have been arrested to date.

Vancouver police, meanwhile, are assembling a team to investigate the riot and will soon release information on how the public can submit the countless cellphone videos of the event as evidence.

“This is similar to the Stanley Cup riots in 2011 and the Guns and Roses riot in 2002,” Const said. Tania Visintin to Global News.

“We had people fighting each other, overturning tables, overturning kiosk carts, so it was a very wild scene, a lot of property destruction.”

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Rioters cause hundreds of thousands of damages after the canceled PNE concert

Rioters cause hundreds of thousands of damages after the canceled PNE concert

According to Ballance, PNE develops a custom security plan for each event it hosts, taking into account the size and demographics of the crowd, among other things.

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It has hosted countless performances of a similar size and type in the past without incident, and the spokesperson said the venue staff could not have predicted it would turn violent. A few years ago, she added, a headliner canceled a performance, and nobody rioted at the time.

“To try and guess that a thousand people are going to react that badly when there’s so much past experience that doesn’t suggest we would need staff at that level – I don’t think it’s fair, and quite.” honestly, it would cost prohibitively to bring events to our city,” Ballance said when asked if the PNE should have had more security on hand.

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Number of visitors at PNE 2022 around 75 percent of the pre-pandemic level: organizer

For now, PNE remains focused on supporting employees who took part in the riots with counseling and trauma services, Ballance said.

It will also review what happened on Sunday to see if improvements can be made and will remain in touch with the concert promoter to ensure repairs are made quickly, both at the PNE site and elsewhere if needed.

“We’ll debrief – is there anything we can learn? Can we customize anything? We have four events coming up,” Ballance said.

“But you can’t look at a crowd and say they’re going to riot tonight.”

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Vancouver police called after riots broke out on PNE Sunday

Vancouver police called after riots broke out on PNE Sunday

Lil Baby took to social media to apologize to Vancouver, BREAKOUT festival and concert-goers for the cancellation, saying his body was “completely shutting down.”

“I’ve been working so hard non-stop for the past few months that it finally caught up with me… I owe you guys a lot of time and I’m sure I’ll make it up to you soon,” he wrote on Instagram Monday.

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