Rebel Inc. 1.11.0 Apk Mod

Rebel Inc. Mod Apk: Is it possible to stop the Insurgency from happening? Plague Inc.’s creator, Plague Inc. has created a new and engaging simulation that combines military/political strategic simulations. We all know the war is over, but that does not mean it’s finished. You must balance civilian and military priorities in order to stabilize the country and win hearts and minds. Also, stop insurgents.

What is Rebel Inc Game?

Rebel Inc., the new game by the author of “Plague Inc.”, is a deeply engaging strategic challenge that’s inspired by modern counter-insurgency.

Rebel Inc. Mod Apk


* Stabilise 7 regions with richly-modeled areas

* Innovative representations of counter-insurgency tactics

* Support local governments with realistic projects

* Hyper-realistic, highly detailed world that was based on extensive research

* AI for strategic and tactical planning

* Highly sophisticated narrative algorithms that are shaped by your choices

* Eight governors that have radically different capabilities

* In-game tutorials and help

* Complete Save/Load functionality

* No Internet connection required

Download Rebel Inc. Mod Apk

An important note:

Rebel Inc. is a fictional gaming company that focuses on real-world issues. We have tried to address them with respect, even though it’s a fiction game. This game was developed with the help of journalists, politicians and other professionals from across the region.

It is also available in Russian, French German Spanish Portuguese Italian Korean Japanese Chinese Traditional and Spanish.

There are many updates in the works! Let me know what your needs are by getting in touch.

James (the creator)

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