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Criminal Case: Save the World! Wanting you to investigate this case because you are the one who knows best about this shocking case. This is an impressive adventure game; players are getting premium privileges to investigate. This journey to regaining important information officially begins, and you are allowed to use the convenient features. This investigation is officially overturned and examined to obtain accurate results and to hold the bad guys accountable before the law.

Criminal Case: Save the World!


Players are looking to rummage through the things related to the murder case and start to find out important information. This case has been too loose, and the authorities are losing direction. The player is a talented cop, and you are determined to find the truth in that rubble. This will be very difficult because the truth has been buried for so long, and the evidence is not much compared to before.

Criminal Case: Save the World!


However, you will also meet people who share your opinion, and they will also help you find the whereabouts of witnesses. Besides, a video of the crime scene has also been provided, and you will find anomalies in this game. Players will be able to use supporting machines and modern devices to recover fingerprints. Players will also get important information from the prosecutors investigating this case.


You have found the cold-blooded killer who has lived in hiding for many years, and you also have enough evidence to turn the case over. The player will also gain additional support privileges if the killer acts recklessly. The player will also exonerate the person in prison and make the murderer bear all legal responsibility. Now the case is officially over, and you deserve everyone’s praise.

Criminal Case: Save the World!


  • You will become a capable policeman and begin investigating the twists and turns in this case.
  • You are provided with fingerprint assist devices or even witnesses to continue this investigation.
  • Things that you did not expect will also appear in this game, and you also need to find out the truth.
  • Confront the killer and use weapons to make them surrender to be escorted to the police station.
  • Rescue the wrong person who has been in prison for the past and try to calm the spirit of the victim’s family in this game.

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