She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs: Deadpool And X-Men Are Officially A Part Of MCU

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this will be my full She-Hulk Episode 5 article. There were a whole bunch of Marvel Easter eggs and references lots of Deadpool, X-Men references, and even Fantastic Four Easter eggs. There were also a lot of Daredevil references to setting up next week’s episode. It seems like next week’s episode will be the Daredevil episode, so we’ll break it all down. Careful for spoilers for the episode if you haven’t seen it.

I will just start at the beginning and work our way through shot by shot talking about Easter eggs, WTF moments, and the Bonanza of Easter eggs for  X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool stuff that they had in the episode. Like every X-Men character that you want to see in the MCU was referenced during this episode. Like what is going on here, do they already exist in the MCU? Is this what they’re telling us? Like is this why She-Hulk is referencing them? Because why would she be doing that if they didn’t already exist in the MCU? So, so many theories just exploded after the end credits scene in this episode.

Here are all the She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs:

She-Hulk Comic Accurate Suit

Later at the office, Josh Zagara’s Pug asked Nikki to help him snag some of the new Iron Man 3 shoes that are being released. There was an advertisement for them on Jennifer Walter’s browser in an earlier episode and in the trailers during the Daredevil episode, when you see him show up and they start going at each other. She’s wearing her comic book accurate suit which they give her in this episode.


She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – She-Hulk Comic Accurate Suit

You also see her wearing Hulk-colored versions of the Iron Man 3 shoes, and obviously, the shoes themselves are meant to be a reference to the Iron Man 3 movie. So it sounds like Nikki is the person who gives her the extra pair of the She-Hulk shoes or Pug gives her the extra pair of the She-Hulk shoes that he gets.

Titania’s Real Life Social Media Profile

When Pug calls this special drip broker Alonso, obviously it’s this character here but the name is a reference to Victoria Alonso. Victoria is a real-life Marvel employee who’s like one of the most 
powerful people at Marvel Studios under Kevin Feige. She’s in charge of all their post-production that they do on the movies and the Disney plus series, so you see her in a lot of the premieres and some of the behind-the-scenes that they put on the home video releases.

She-Hulk breaks the fourth wall to comment on Titania’s social media account, which also exists in real life. Marvel actually created real Titania profiles on all the major social media platforms like Twitter Instagram, Tik Tok with the actress posting content on them as if she were the real Titania, just passing on She-Hulk.

The Avengers Rip-Off: Avongers

The joke about the Boba shop is also a funny Shang Chi Easter egg too. In real life, the Shang Chi actor Simu Liu actually just started a real Boba business on the side. In the same way that a lot of celebrities in real life start their own small businesses on the side apart from their acting jobs. Inside there’s another QR code that you can scan to get another free She-Hulk comic book.

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – Avongers

And they have this huge joke about the Boba shop owner peddling all this bootleg Avengers merchandise with all the logos and the colors just being a little bit off. They also play like a slightly different version of The Avengers theme song like this isn’t quite the Avengers but it’s close to the Avengers. The mugs say Avongers with an O.

We actually see a version of that mug in the end credits scene, with She-Hulk holding it up in evidence. So they might use that in a future episode, or it might just be a funny thing that they included for the end credits. They flipped the whole colors, they flip the Iron Man colors, and the Thor mug says Thur instead of Thor with an O.

The Shrek Reference

When Titania calls She-Hulk Shrek, that’s actually a joke that people have been using in real life. Like ever since the She-Hulk trailer started dropping, people have been making Fiona references, saying that she looks kind of like Fiona, just because of the way her special effects look compared to the regular Bruce Banner Hulk special effects And you have to remember that they filmed this like last year, so like long before they started releasing the trailers and people started making the Fiona-Shrek jokes about She-Hulk, they were actually making this joke in the episodes.


She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – The Shrek Reference

When they’re in the courtroom Mallory references the Bruce Banner Hulk again and she breaks the fourth wall again when they show footage of her complaining about the She-Hulk name. She does it again at the end of the proceedings just to react to the judge’s request for more evidence.

Wolverine, Jonny Storm, And Namor Costume References

Then when they walk into Alonso’s shop, some of these in the background might be comic book Easter eggs. Most of the direct comic book references to like Daredevil, all that stuff doesn’t happen till later in the episode. I believe the glasses on the woman with Alonso are more of an Edna Mode Incredibles reference. Disney also owns Pixar now too, they actually had another Pixar reference in an earlier She-Hulk episode 2.

She-Hulk Episode 5

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – Jonny Storm

When Alonso rattles off a couple of different types of costumes, the fire-resistant one is a reference to Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, waterproofing is a Namor reference, and the built-in Weaponry is a Wolverine X-Men claws reference, like his claws are literally built into his body so his costume has to account for that. If you include the other Wolverine Easter egg in the post-credit scene with the special shoes, there have been three Wolverine references on She-Hulk so far.

The Tinsley character’s name is a reference to an actor who was shown up on a bunch like many many different Marvel series and movies and the She-Hulk episodes recently is the bar Patron. Like there’s an actor who’s an extra in all the Marvel movies and the TV shows named Tinsley who just show shows up all over the place. Kind of in the same way that Wong now shows up all over the place.

New Daredevil Suit

When She-Hulk tries on the regular-looking business suits that Alonso created for her, the little something extra that he references is her comic book accurate purple and green suit. When she says she won’t have the occasion to wear the superhero suit, Alonso also picks up Daredevil’s yellow helmet in a box. Like this is literally Daredevil’s helmet that we see in all the trailers, and he passes by Daredevil’s new costume on the rack. Like this is Daredevil’s rack and he’s creating suits and a new superhero suit for him too that he’s coming to pick up, the tag is also yellow and red for Daredevil colors.

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – The Daredevil Reference

And because the episode ends at this moment I think this is basically them just telling us that the Daredevil episode is next week’s episode six. Like a confidential client is coming to pick this up in next week’s episode. So the whole idea is that Daredevil got his new suit from this guy too like Melvin Potter style this guy just created another superhero costume for him. And that’s probably how they explain it being yellow with a stark contrast in red. The suit does look exactly like his Netflix suit too like it’s the same suit which is a little bit of yellow on it instead of solid red and black.

I’m kind of wondering if they’re gonna have a joke about it during the episode who were like She-Hulk jokes about it being too contrasty, like why do you want to stick out so bad if you’re being a vigilante on the DL, don’t you want to hide. And that might Inspire him to get the black costume from the comics like the Daredevil Back in Black costume or the solid red one that they’ll have during the Daredevil Born Again series.


She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – Daredevil

They actually just debuted a brand new logo for Daredevil born again, and it’s like the comic book logo that he wears on his chest. He’s supposed to come back during the Echo episodes next year before Daredevil Born Again and I believe when he comes back on Echo he’ll also have another different suit. It might be like the back in the black suit. I’m assuming he’ll get a new version of the solid red one also, sometime during Daredevil Born Again, when those episodes happen.

She-Hulk Episode 5 End Credits Easter

Then during the end credit scenes, the new scenes that they added to the actual end credits are Titania and one of her fake ads in the poster she was signing at her pop-up earlier in the episode. There’s a scene of Chad hustling The She-Hulk products that he was talking about for Titania that he’d be making all that money. It turns out her boss was secretly using the booty boost smoothie that she had been selling because apparently he just wants more junk in the trunk. One of these Associates at the firm is side-eyeing him as he walks by, like what.

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – Chad

We also find out that Pug is a huge sneaker fiend and collects a bunch of special edition sneakers in the end credit scene when they reveal all the X-Men, the Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four Easter egg sneakers in the background. That’s meant to be his closet that they’re in like Nikki is visiting his place and seeing his collection of limited edition sneakers. Don’t worry explain what all these are references to, like all the different characters the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool characters they reference.

The Marvel Character’s Shoes

Then we get the end credit scene that everybody will be talking about for the next week. Like all the X-Men, all the Fantastic Four the Deadpool, everything that you could possibly imagine here. Like every major character that you want to see in the MCU. We find out the Pug winds up getting his Iron Man threes that are themed like Iron Man’s armor. In the background just calling these out as many as possible. The purple and green ones with the pumpkins are Green Goblin shoes.

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs

She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs – The Marvel Shoes 1

The orange and blue Rock looking ones are for The Thing from Fantastic Four. Beneath it on the right are Vision shoes, below that are Captain Marvel, and next to her are the Cyclops X-men shoes. From top to bottom on the left side of the Shelf at the top, it starts with regular Bruce Banner Hulk shoes for purple and green, to the left the Flaming red and white shoes are actually for the classic Falcon costume. Beneath that there are Nova shoes, there have actually been rumors of them doing a Nova Disney plus series.

To the left are the Ghost Rider shoes with flames on the chain. The ones with the orange green and the wings are Namor shoes because of the wing things on his feet he actually has those in the Black Panther Wakanda Forever trailers. The yellow and blue ones above The Thing seem like Wolverine Shoes. The green yellow and white ones might be for Rogue’s costume, also X-Men. I’m not sure who the solid yellow ones are for they could be for like Iron Man’s classic gold armor, they’re not solid yellow costumes in Marvel.

Deadpool And X-Men Are Officially A Part Of MCU

When they zoom out and you see a whole bunch more on the bottom right, you see Spider-Man shoes with the spiders on them, beneath those the white ones but the moon on them is for Moon Knight. On the far left you see Doctor Strange shoes, and the yellow ones with the lightning bolt are for Quicksilver also X-Men.

Up on the top right, the purple and red ones are for Magneto. The yellow red and white ones might be for Daredevil and could be for Yellow Jacket. There are Captain America ones, beneath him are the Deadpool shoes with his mask. Down below Cyclops the solid black ones are for Black Panther and then there are a couple more but they’re just a little too blurry to spot any particular Easter egg.

But the whole idea is that these are meant to be like core X-Men characters. Like the ones that you want to see Fantastic Four characters and Deadpool characters. Obviously and the whole idea is like we know we’re getting Deadpool 3, we know we’re getting a Fantastic Four movie and the closest we’ve gotten to actual X-Men in the 616 MCU universe is them mentioning Miss Marvel is a mutant and playing the X-Men the Animated Series theme song.

We did get X-Men Easter eggs during Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. But the whole idea in this post-credits scene is that Pug was able to buy these collectible shoes, meaning that somebody knew about these characters like these are based on characters that are supposed to already exist. So it’s almost like they’re saying in this She-Hulk scene, this end credits scene, these are characters that already are in the MCU.

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