The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1 Release Date: Meet The Contestents

Yes, you heard it right. The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1 is all ready to stream. Amazing Race fans appear to be getting their favorite show back on a more regular basis, with Season 34 airing just days after the interrupted 33rd season ended. If drama occurs, fans will not be able to watch it solely on CBS. The reality competition show first aired in 2001, and contestants are still signing up to compete for the $1 million prize over 20 years later.

The Amazing Race returns in the fall of 2022, promising to be another exciting adventure with new countries and unexpected twists (or lack thereof). And we’ve got everything you need to know about The Amazing Race Season 34, including who’s racing around the world and where they’ll go. The race is divided into legs in which competitors are given clues and must navigate through foreign countries to complete physically and mentally demanding tasks. They could be eliminated if they are the last one to arrive at their final destination for that leg. The final team will earn the seven-figure sum if they can persevere. Here is everything about The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1, including its release date, plot, stream guide, and more.

The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1

The Amazing Race Season 34

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The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1 Release Date

Prepare to travel the world without leaving your couch when The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1 premieres on Wednesday, September 21, at 10 p.m. ET. Phil Keoghan is back as the host of The Amazing Race season 34. The New Zealand-born TV host has hosted the show since its inception and also serves as an executive producer. 

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The Amazing Race: How to Watch

Every Wednesday, new episodes of The Amazing Race season 34 will air live on CBS. The episodes will be available on demand the next day on Paramount Plus. You can watch previous seasons on Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount Plus, or Vudu.

The Amazing Race Season 34

The Amazing Race Season 34

Amazing Race Season 34 Teams

  • Nina Duong ( Director Business Development) and Aastha Lal (VP of Operations) got engaged in Marina Del Ray, California.
  • Will Freeman (Accountant) and Abby Garrett ( Data Scientist) are childhood sweethearts from Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Ballroom dancers Aubrey Ares ( Dance Studio Owner) and David Hernandez ( Helicopter Mechanic) from Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Derek Xiao ( Product Manager) and Claire Rehfuss (AI Engineer) are a Los Angeles-based reality couple.
  • Emily Bushnell  and Molly Sinert are long-lost twins from Ardmore, Pa., and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., respectively.
The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1

The Amazing Race Season 34

  • Glenda ( Insurance Underwriter) and Lumumba Roberts are newlyweds from Norcross, Georgia.
  • Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos got married in Miami, Florida.
  • Sharik Atkinson ( Masters Student) and Linton ( Assistant Principal) are father and daughter from Brooklyn, New York.
  • Marcus Craig ( Army Tank Commander) and Michael Craig ( Air Force Fighter Pilot) are brothers from Richmond Hill, Georgia, and Alamogordo, New Mexico, respectively.
  • Former Rams cheerleaders Quinton Peron (Choreographer) and Mattie Lynch ( Dance Coach) from Pasadena, California, and Vista, California, respectively.
  • Tim Mann ( Probation Officer) and Rex Ryan (ESPN Analyst) are Brentwood, Tennessee, golf buddies.
  • Rich Kuo ( Life Coach) and Dom Jones (Gym Owner) are Huntington Beach, California-based motivational speakers.

What countries are the racers visiting?

Teams from Amazing Race Season 34 will begin the race outside of the United States. The 12 pairs will fly from Los Angeles to Munich, Germany, on the Titan Airways Boeing 757 charter plane used by the show in season 33. And the competitors will congregate at the starting line in Munich.

The remaining teams will travel to Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and Iceland after running around Germany. The Amazing Race will include a leg in Jordan for the first time in the show’s history, including a visit to the ancient city of Petra. The final three pairs will travel to Nashville for the finale. Season 34 will also not include a single long-standing twist. This time, if a team finishes last, they are automatically eliminated from the race. There will be no Speed Bumps to keep contestants from being eliminated.

The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 1

The Amazing Race Season 34

Recap Of The Amazing Race Season 33 Finale

Seven countries, 17 cities, and one global pandemic later, The Amazing Race Season 33 winners have been announced. While best friends Ryan and Dusty led the pack early in the Race, married YouTubers Kim and Penn kicked it into high gear, winning three straight legs in a row. But, heading into Wednesday’s finale, Raquel and Cayla were gaining steam. Despite making a few mistakes along the way, the two flight attendants managed to secure their first win of the season just last week.

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