Why there hasn’t been a third Ori game yet

Despite both original Games acclaimed by gamers and critics alike, the series appears to have come to an abrupt halt as developer Moon Studios moves on to other projects. Given players’ obsession with trilogies and the rule of three, many are wondering why there hasn’t been a third game yet, and if there could ever be a Threequel sequel. While there are some obvious challenges facing a third original game, there are other, more complex factors that arose after the launch of Ori and the Will of the Wisps that might have grounded the series indefinitely.


In between Ori and the blind forest and Ori and the Will of the WispsThe series has made its mark on the indie gaming scene by embracing other leading Metroidvanias such as Hollow Knight, guacamelee, and axiom edge. By drawing inspiration from a variety of sources drawn from Disney films such as The Lion King to classic games such as Rayman, original was able to cultivate a unique style and gaming experience that captivated players. But with only two games in the series and no more planned for the foreseeable future, those same players are dying to know what happened original.

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A new Ori game was possible, but not with Ori

Both The blind forest and the sequel The Will of the Wisps share a general premise in which the player takes control of Ori, the eponymous guardian spirit associated with the games’ spirit trees and the lands they protect. Both games are centered around stories in which players must traverse the game to activate or collect various MacGuffins – e.g The blind forest it’s elements while The Will of the Wisps uses will-o’-the-wisps – in the service of restoring the spirit trees’ power. Despite this, both games have their own stories, characters, and motivations to drive their narratives forward, making each game feel different but familiar.

However inside The Will of the Wisps In the end, the game ends with Ori sacrificing himself to save the Spirit Tree and the land of Niwen. While Ori theoretically lives on in the land of Niwen and is revealed to have been the game’s narrator, it is treated as if Ori had essentially died. As the title character of the games, this poses the greatest challenge to continue the series under the title original Surname. Despite these technical details, Moon Studios confirmed that it would like to continue the series with a game set in the same world, but probably with a new protagonist.

Moon Studios moves on to new projects

With original‘s Story effectively completed by The Will of the Wisps In conclusion, Moon Studios has now turned its attention to future projects. It’s likely that Moon Studios didn’t want to appear tied down for an indie developer original Series and the associated identity. This would explain the sudden change in genre when after the success of The Will of the Wisps, Moon Studios announced that its next game will be an action role-playing game. Especially from what Moon Studios has revealed so far about the untitled project, the game will be far from the fantastical elements that have characterized it original and will feature human characters instead.

It is also important that after the announcement of the new project, it became known that Xbox Games Studios would not release the next game from Moon Studios. This attracted attention as both original Games were published by Microsoft and Xbox, meaning Moon Studios would move away from a strong relationship given the games’ overwhelming success. To explain its decision, Moon Studios claimed that it was motivated by version exclusivity restrictions as it ideally wanted to bring original to all other consoles and platforms.

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By switching publishers, Moon Studios would be able to produce new games that would not be forced to be exclusive to certain platforms. The developer has already signed a new publisher deal with Private Division for its upcoming action RPG title. This means that the original IP is now in limbo between Moon Studios and Xbox, so there may be legal formalities that could prevent a third party original game over. Whether Moon Studios can reclaim its original Magic in a new game or with a spiritual successor remains to be seen, but it likely will be without original What ever.

Moon Studios’ allegations prompted Microsoft to pull out

However, there seems to be more to the story of the split between Moon Studios and Microsoft than players initially thought. It has been claimed that despite the series’ success, Moon Studios created an oppressive working environment behind the scenes. The issues raised cover a wide range of serious allegations, including allegations of sexism, racism and crunch culture, and came at a time when many development studios were under fire for similar allegations. But while other, larger studios pledged to improve working conditions, Moon Studios issued a statement that appeared to dismiss the allegations as unfounded but still apologized if employees were unintentionally injured.

So while Moon Studios claims that its reasons for departing from its Xbox publishers were based on a desire for creative freedom, Microsoft has a different explanation for the split. Confirmed by journalists covering the story, Microsoft has reportedly passed on the next game from Moon Studios over the allegations the developer has faced. While those allegations could well have been the impetus behind Microsoft’s decision, it’s just as likely that Moon Studios had wanted a fork, which only suggests the split was ultimately a foregone conclusion only hastened by circumstances.

In short, while a third original game would have been possible, should Moon Studios and Microsoft decide to revisit the series, those bridges appear to have burned beyond repair. Not only original are faced with the hurdle of creating a brand new main protagonist, but the rights to the series are currently hanging between two companies who no longer seem interested in working together. It’s a disappointing situation for players who are just fans of it originalbut it’s a reality that they may have to accept and move on to games similar to the one to come Hollow Knight: Silk Song instead of this.

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