Why Was Will Geer Blacklisted? Real Reason Revealed

People are lately getting concerned about why was Will Geer blacklisted? Before getting into further details, let’s have a look at who he was. Will Geer was an outstanding actor who was popular for portraying the character Zebulon Walton in The Waltons. Some of his other acting credits include- The Kid From Texas, It’s a Small World, Lust for Gold, Double Crossbones, Doc Elliot, Moving Violation, A Woman Called Moses, The Mafu Cage, Bright Horizon, etc. 

Will Geer was blacklisted at the beginning of the 1950s. His fans were not just shocked but also upset at the same time. Now, they have become more eager to learn the major reason behind this. Here is what we know. 

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Will Geer Was Blacklisted: Why?

Will Geer had always been a prominent actor in the industry. It’s not that easy to become a liberal actor there. Becoming a Blacklisted Hollywood personality, people started wondering what went wrong. 

Everything has its reasons. The primary reason behind Will Geer getting blacklisted was that he refused to testify before the House Committee on Pan-American Activities. Because of that, the actor appeared in very few films in the later days of his career. The actor denied sharing his political belief with the Committee of possible socialist, liberal, progressive, or communist people. They were the ones to destroy the United States. 

Why was Will Geer Blacklisted

Will Geer

The consequences of Will Geer getting blacklisted were not just limited to the chances of film offers. The actor purchased a small house in Topanga Canyon by selling his house. It was cheap though since he had dwindling funds. Talking more about it, Will didn’t give up and instead, fought back at that time. He was reported to have done gardening and tried hard to feed his wife and children well.

The most interesting part, he didn’t give up on his passion for acting. Meanwhile, Will started making small plays at his new house. That finally led to the formation of the award-winning theatre, Theatricum Botanicum. Several other blockbuster actors of that time joined the theatre. Will Geer fought till the end, despite getting blacklisted and was a prominent personnel until his death. 


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