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Zili MOD APK – Short Video App for India

Currently, videos with short duration and impressive content are becoming trending and loved by many people. Zili MOD APK is one of the top apps that provide trending updated videos. You can be both a viewer and a content creator. Not only the usual entertainment but we are also exposed to the knowledge and experiences that other users have shared. Except for content that violates the community standards rules that are not allowed to be posted, there are countless other interesting things waiting for you to discover. It is hard to believe but the number of downloads on the Google Play Store of this application has reached 100M+ and it is still increasing.

Entertainment videos with many topics

As I introduced at the beginning, Zili taps into a wide range of users, anyone can find the right content for them in this app. It works very intelligently and can automatically capture which topics users are interested in, and which channels. For example, if you often watch cooking video tutorials, often when you open the application, they will be pushed to the top. Users also have another choice which is to follow the person who posts the content they are interested in. Videos of people you follow will be updated in a separate category. Entertainment, learning, practicing new skills, etc., all in Zili.

Upload your own video

Every user has the right to record and upload their own videos. Because this application focuses on exploiting short videos, there will be a limit of recording time, up to 3 minutes. Users can combine multiple footage into a complete video. Allow camera and album access for shooting and editing right on the app’s platform. Not only that, but it also supports many other tools such as changing speed, trimming videos, and applying transitions, filters, and filters.

User-friendly interface

Zili is designed to be relatively simple. For viewing mode, users will see videos enlarged to full screen. Along the right, there will be interactive buttons of moderate size, neatly arranged so as not to block the view. Drop hearts for your favorite videos, leave comments for others to read, share with friends via the linked social networking platforms, and save to your device if the video owner allows. The video recording and uploading mode are also designed to be easy to use. Every feature has an annotation so that users can understand how to use it.

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